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The Brow Tattoo Removal technique we apply is called UNDO, This process is similar to microneedling where we open the skin and deposit an all natural solution to help break up the pigment. We are lifting the tattoo to the surface and it will shed off with a scab. 

This technique also rejuvenates the skin and helps rebuild collagen on your brows.

How Many Sessions Are Required For Removal?

 Removals are a process that require multiple sessions to push out the ink that was previously applied. It is important to know each brow tattoo is completely different due to multiple factors such as how much ink your tattoo has, how deep the artist went into your skin, how many ink layers your brows have, and other different factors. 


After care is very important and crucial during the healing process to ensure the prevention of infection especially during the first 24 hours. It is critical to follow all after-care protocols to prevent scarring, hyperpigmentation and other complications.

Although infection is rare, it is significant to note if you see any abnormal reaction, refer to your physician as soon as possible.

  • KEEP THE AREA CLEAN. You must make sure that you keep your brows as clean as possible to prevent any form of complications. Do not apply any topical ointment, band aid, or any other material to your brows. Keep your brows exposed to the air so that the healing process will be faster.


  • KEEP AREA DRY. This is an important step because we cannot have the brows wet in any way. When you are taking a shower, make sure that the water does not touch your brows. If it gets wet in any way, the scab will get wet and it will prematurely fall off. With that being said, avoid strenuous exercise, sweating, SAUNAS, and any other form of activity that will cause your brows to get wet.


  • DO NOT TOUCH YOUR BROWS. Touching your brows will heighten the risks of infection and might cause unnecessary trauma. Do not pick, scratch, or scrape your brows in any way. For example, if you pick, or scratch off your brows, they will end up looking very bright, pink or red. It is important that the scab will fall off naturally.


  • APPLY VITAMIN E OIL. As soon as the scab naturally falls off, apply vitamin E oil twice a day at a minimum of 4 weeks or at least until your next session. do not apply vitamin e oil while the scab is still on. Apply after it has fallen off.


  • AVOID THE SUN. To prevent getting discoloration of your brows, make sure that you avoid the sun while your brows are healing and when the scab has fully come off. From immediately after the scab has fully come off until the fourth week, they shouldn’t be under direct sunlight or else the skin will appear pinker.


Healing Schedule

Keep in mind that each person heals differently and the following information are what you can generally expect during your healing process. Please carefully read the various factors that can affect the healed results of your brows.

DAY 1-4:
Immediately, it will look very bright red and the scabbing will form.

DAY 4-5:​

The scabbing will start to fall off naturally.

DAY 5-10:
At this point the scab has fully fallen off naturally.


  • 90 days before: Avoid botox, skin exfoliants, laser or chemical peels

  • 2 Weeks before: Avoid tweezing, waxing, electrolysis, retinol and coloring your brows.

  • 72 Hours before: Avoid ALL Blood thinners; Aspirin, Ibuprofen, Caffeine (including tea), Smoking, Alcohol, Soda, etc.

Possible Outcomes

Each brow tattoo is completely different due to factors such as how much ink your tattoo has, how deep it was applied, if your brows are layered, and other different factors. The healing process will have various possible outcomes.


  • It will fade completely.

  • It will fade unevenly. This is due to the way your previous artist distributed ink into your brows. There might be more ink in some areas of brows.

  • It will become darker. The ink is being pushed out, therefore darker brows will be normal.

  • It will be lighter or have less density, but it has the same color.


  • It will change colors. This is normal because each tattoo ink is a mixture of different colors. this means that a color has stayed and other colors have been pushed out first.


  • Your brows may appear bright pink/red after scab sheds. This is a common and normal result. The pinkness will last about 2-3 weeks. The skin will fully heal at 4 weeks.

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